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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where have all the Good Techs Gone?

     I had a discussion with one of my customers about tech work, and how he was dissatisfied with the way he had been treated before.  He said he felt that customer service had ended the moment he walked out the door with his new computer.  He said he felt that they didn't care about him or his computer.
     I thought about it to my self later, and wondered about where the good techs have gone.  Where are the people who eat, breathe, and sleep computers?  Where are the ones that love to take things apart and put them back together, just so they can learn how they work?  What happened to the days when a tech was happy to work on a computer, not just because he or she was getting paid, but because they genuinely like to fix those problems that might come up, that get the thrill from the next challenging problem?
     I'm not sure that I'm all those things above, or that I'm even the better tech when it comes to a computer, but I do know that I have that fire to learn things, and I will not settle for less than the best.  I will find my answer, and by doing so, yours.  There is always an explanation.  And Digital Fruit does care about their customers, because that's all we have.