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Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally! Success!

     For almost a week now I've been trying to get this blog indexed by Google, so that it would at least show up in the listings.  Its rankings are terrible, but as of today, the Digital Fruit Blog is officially indexed by Google!  I dare you to try and find it.  So, now that the first leap is taken, tell your mom, tell your neighbor, tell the random stranger on the street corner at lunch,  link to this blog!  The more that people link to a website, the better that it does in its respective rankings on Google, or any other search engine for that matter.  A few quick lessons in websites that I have learned over this journey. 
     First, you can see how many links that Google has recorded to your site by simply typing, without spaces, link:www.{yoursite}.com, where yoursite is the name of your website. (Warning, if your site does not have a www., then don't put one here, it will make this fail).
     Second lesson, always put your websites link on sites, forums and blog comments that pertain to your blog, or else the search engines will not properly classify your website!  Personal links from family and friends will not effect this part much, but will help your rankings, so they are most certainly welcome, but even here, the link must say something about what your blog is about, or it will still fall flat on its face.
     And Finaly Third lesson, be persistent.  I've read things on SEO, search engine optimization, and from what I've been able to get out of the most intelligent sources, SEO is a myth.  Yes, making your website search-engine-friendly is important, but it is not a instant link to success.  The only way that any of the successful bloggers I've read about have been able to get their blogs to where they are now is through diligently posting to their blogs, diligently posting their links of forums, and by patiently waiting for the readers to increase.  There is no way for instant success on a blog, just like in the rest of reality.