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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Post of the Month

As we come to the close of this November, and the Thanksgiving rush has settled down, we here at Digital Fruit get ready to gear up for the Christmas season.  Its something pretty big for us here, we are a media content creator.  So that means Christmas specials, Christmas music, and something rather new on the scene, Christmas video games.  (Plus all of the written Christmas stuff, too.)

With that in mind, I'm hoping to get blog posts in, but if things get busy, I'm not sure how well I'll do getting all of the typing in.  This year I have the benefit of mobile blogging via the Android platform, but even that has its limits.  Also, we celebrate the twelve days of Christmas, which means our celebration ends around noon on January sixth.  So in case I don't get to you before then, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Micro Blogging Spam

So, would you like me to twitter you?  Sounds dirty doesn't it?  And that is apparently what a new wave of twitter accounts are hoping for.  I'm sure the problem has always existed on Twitter, but I've noticed a vast increase in the number of annoying, porn-related accounts that keep following the Digital Fruit Twitter account.  Its really kind of sad.

And unfortunately, this kind of thing is usually a sign of the death of a service like this.  When things like porn become an overwhelming dog pile on a service like Twitter, it shows the vast number of people using the service, yes, but it also sends those users fleeing in the thousands.  Most decent people don't want to be flooded by porn adds or explicit invitations on a daily basis, and will quit using a service if this is what happens.

Now Digital Fruit has no desire to leave Twitter, I find it a good way to pulse the general flood of information floating around the web, but I can't see the average consumer putting up with this crap.  I'd like to petition the nice people at Twitter to put up their best effort in stopping this kind of garbage from overwhelming users.

I would like to say that this article is written based on just my personal experience with Twitter, as there are very few people in my local area that actually use the service.  If I'm an isolate incident in this community, I'd like to then make it know that I'm having this problem with Twitter.  Does anyone have suggestions for improvement?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Linux Sucking Bad

So, as I've been bemoaning the current crisis in Ubuntu-land (mainly Unity), I decided to hop on over to another "high-quality" linux distribution, and see how things were going.  Oh how disappointed I was.  Meego has died.  And while I had my back turned, too.

Now, I was a little upset with the death of Moblin, because Moblin was cool, slick looking, and worked well on the hardware it worked on.  But then I played around with Meego for a while and found it to be a decent, if slightly unwanted, replacement to Moblin (I had plans to use Moblin as a more user-friendly OS to sell on computers for people who just want to use a computer, not fight with it).

Now, Meego has been replaced with another system, Tizen, and you can't even get a hold of it as an operating system.  So, instead of another stable option to Ubuntu and Fedora-core, we are once again left with only two stable users, and only one is really competing in the consumer space.  I'm starting to get why some people ditch Linux and go back to Windows and Mac. 

Aluminum Drive update 1

For all of you who have been donating to the Digital Fruit aluminum drive, I'd like to update that we have collected only about twenty dollars so far with this years drive.  Our goal of $200 is still a long ways off, and we only have one more month left to the year.  But we still have a lot of aluminum to cash in today, and we hope with the holiday season that you have been keeping us in mind with each can of soda you drink.  Help Digital Fruit reach its goal of $200 by turning your trash into cash.  Thanks, and I'll update the totals later.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Project Headshot, Update 1

So, I told you I'd be blogging the progress of Project Headshot here on the blog, so here is my first update for the project.  Today, I've got a short clip of one of the songs I've been helping to re-master, its called Why Walk,

So check it out and let us know what you think in the comments area.  And I'll be updating soon.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Vision for the Digital Age

While sitting at my parent's place this Thanksgiving, I was talking to my brother about how we are both disappointed in different ways about the way digital technology is going, and the causes involved.  We both came to a general conclusion of what we thought would fix the issue, and strangely, our conclusions were almost identical.

We both have a vision of a world device-agnostic, where whatever system you were working on, whatever way things worked, it was more modular and less proprietary.  You want to use a specific piece of hardware? Thats okay, we're sure it will work, because everything is interchangeable.  Even better, software is, too.  If you have it, it will run on that system.  Whatever system that may be.

Now, this kind of world is still a long ways off, and might always be.  But as my brother and I kept talking, I realized that Digital Fruit is already starting to do its part.  I have always been committed to bringing the content Digital Fruit designs to as many people as possible, which means providing it on systems that agnostic.  And I will continue to be committed to this goal.  I want all of our video to run on your computer, no matter what.  All of our video games, too.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New CG Art Coming Soon

I'll be posting a gallery of CG artwork done by myself and fellow Digital Fruit Associates soon, so I hope you'll drop by and take a look.  Also, if any of our readers are wanting to set up their own gallery, send me and e-mail at  If there is enough interest, I'll setup a log-in system and a devoted page.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Next Lan Party

The next Digital Fruit Lan Party is taking place on Thursday, December 15.  So keep your calendar open and head on down.  If you are interested in attending, contact us through text message at 360-268-3819.

Um, This is Starting to Suck

I'm really getting sick of this.  I've been using Ubuntu solidly for almost two years now, and the last few months have really stunk.  With the release of Ubuntu 11.10, I was forced over to using the Unity interface, and it sucks.  I find little to like about this, and the number of bugs keeps piling up.  I can understand Cannonical's drive to stay competitive in the tablet marketplace, but make a freaking tablet version then, don't piss off your core user base by making them use something nobody wants.

I'm putting out a call for anyone who cares to read this and has the interest, lets make a push to take back our desktop.  There needs to be another option, one that is as good as Gnome 2 was.  Lets make Cannonical see that they have made a mistake, and they need to correct that.  Leave comments here, send me e-mails with your ideas, and write about your displeasure to Cannonical, and tell them something has to be done.  We don't want them ruining something it has taken the Linux community a long time to create, a truly unified distribution.  (And no, the irony that the program now fragmenting that unified system is called Unity.)

Until next time, catch you on the flip-side.