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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oops, things getting away from me

     Well, its amazing how things get so out of hand in life that you just lose track of everything that goes on around you.  I'm facing major changes in my personal life, which don't really have a place spilling over into professional work.  And so far it hasn't, except to keep me a little too preoccupied to enter in something on this blog.  But there is good news, we've had another customer today.  So, more income, good thing.
     Also, I've been able to post more fliers and to get more business cards out into the hands of the public.  Also, I've posted a listing on, so there is more public exposure.  The more people see the name and the logo, the higher the chance that we'll accrue customers.  Its hard, because I'm seeking to find a balance between price and value.  If I don't have high enough price, I can't afford to give my customers the best care, but if I price too high, I can't draw away business from my leading competitors, which is my major goal at the moment.  If I don't carve our mark now, it will be much harder for Digital Fruit later.
     Also, on the power production front, I'm studying up on AC to DC conversion and basic electronic circuits, so that Digital Fruit can really gain ground in its research and development sector.  I'm planning on incorporating some of this work into the things Digital Fruit is providing for its customers, though that is probably a very long way off.  Circuits are something fickle, and I wouldn't risk my customers electronics if I wasn't sure I knew what I was doing.  All things in good conscience is the way I like to work.
    On that note, customer service is key for me.  I guess I'm old fashion like that, but I feel that a happy customer is the most important thing, not just the bottom line.  Yes, money is the idea behind running your own business, but I think it is more important to me for people to be happy with my work and to feel good about my work as well.  That's even more important to me than the money.