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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today's Product Pick

    Well, we discussed thumb drives yesterday, and that lead me to flash memory, which oddly enough led me to think of digital hand-held camcorders.  So today's Product Pick is the  Sony Webbie HD.  This one has to be one of my favorite finds.  I got it for my wife while I still worked Staples®, and we have not been disappointed since.  We got it so that we could record our wedding ceremony, and then the honeymoon trip to Disneyland®.  It can shoot video in full HD, standard HD, and regular television size videos, and to add to that wonderful ability, it can also take still frame pictures in up to 5 mega-pixels(this being one of the major reasons we picked it above the other camcorders that were out at the time).
     About the only negative thing that we have heard about it is that it can only take up to thirty minutes of footage before a built in stop mechanism shuts off the video.  This has never posed a problem though, and has lead me to find that I almost never take more than half-an-hours worth of footage for any reason.  We usually take short clips, with the intention of splicing them together on my computer later.
     With the inclusion of five-times optical zoom, this camcorder is almost as good as a lot of the still cameras on the market for still frames, and beats most of the camcorders I've been able to compare it to.  So, with an award of 4¾ stars, the Sony Webbie HD takes the cake as far as my opinion stands on camcorders.