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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Didn't Buy? Don't click

     Well, my post today is to help people with a constantly recurring problem with today's internet sites.  Server infection and illegitimate anti viruses.  This problem has been getting worse and worse over the last couple of years, and has even earned itself a new title; Scareware.  These fake anti-viruses install themselves onto your computer, then throw up fake warnings saying that your computer is infected with several hundred viruses and that you need to "click here to have us remove them".  And if you don't click, the real fun starts, your computer's functions slowly get shut down one by one until you can't use anything, all you can do is click on the fake warning signs being thrown up.  Then you are asked to authorize a credit card payment of such-and-such amount before you can have your computer cleaned, and who knows if they will stop with just the one payment, they may just keep charging your account for as long as they can.  These have to be some of the worst viruses yet.
     So, there are a couple of things that you can do to stop these.  First, protect yourself before the problem starts.  Run your browser in a sandbox if you know how, Kaspersky Internet Security even has a built-in sandbox, which automatically runs IE inside it.
     Second, once you know that you are infected, turn off your computer!  These are time sensitive viruses, and will be much more difficult to remove if you continually ignore them an click the X button to make them go away.  Even if you have clicked the X, these programs are still running, and are continuing to shut down your computers functions.  If you keep your computer off until you can remove the hard-drive yourself and run it on a clean computer as a secondary drive, or until you can get it to your local tech geek, the amount of infection and damage will be minimized, making it easier for everybody to handle.
     Third, as I have already stated, if this bug is too, much for you to handle on your own, get it to tech support, I guarantee they've seen it all before.