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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ubuntu 12.10

Fast becoming one of my favorite things to go online each October, the latest update to my favorite operating system is here.  While not the long term support release, I find that the best new features for Ubuntu come out in the fall.

So as I sit here in front of my computer, waiting for it to download some 2056 new files, which seems like it will take a couple of hours, I'm excited to see what updates will be there.  Some will seem cool, but almost never get used, like the ability to shop from right from the dash.  Others will probably get used every day with out even being noticed, like some of the UI upgrades I've read about.

So, to finish off this little blurb today, I would like to prompt people, if they haven't tried out Ubuntu yet, head to and download 12.10, and give the LiveCD a chance.  Who knows, you might just enjoy it too.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Final Countdown

Yes, I know, cheesy title, but it really does seem fitting.  With the soon-to-drop Windows 8, and all the commotion over the decline of the personal computer, there is a certain feeling in the air like this is the end of desktop computing.  Everything about Windows 8 looks and feels like it beings on a tablet.  And Microsoft is very excited about there new Surface tablet/laptop.

So, with the industry acting like 2012 really is the end of the world as we know it, will this be the last Windows desktop release?  I don't think think so, personally.  To me it seems like the industry is just catching up with itself.  If anyone would take the time to slow down and think about it, computers have only been a mainstream gadget for about 17 years now.  In terms of product life, that may seem like forever, but that means not even one whole generation has grown up with computers being a constant and prevalent part of there lives.

And to top all that off, we are dead set in the middle of a recession. Everyone is looking at how to cut costs.  I think this is just a temporary stumbling block in a long future of computer use.  So many industries and people depend on PCs, even should Windows 8 fail, things will recover.

Friday, October 19, 2012

It Might Be Time

I don't know how this might affect everyone else, and as the business Digital Fruit we might see some potential for this, but with the new 'feature' on Facebook where you can pay seven dollars and get your post put to the top of everyone's news feed, I'm almost wondering if this might be the point at which Facebook users draw the line and say enough.

It just creeps of the feeling that Facebook is desperately scraping to get money.  The whole idea that your annoying rich family member or work associate can just pay a nominal fee and you are forced into seeing all of their stuff before getting to read everybody else's is just repugnant.

But as I said, it may not seem all bad to everyone.  Small businesses could really use the ability to try and draw the potential customer in against all the larger companies.  It also opens up avenues for things like campaigns  and activist groups to spread there word more effective.  So, who knows.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

OS Push

With the soon to be released Windows 8 operating system, a whole flood of new problems will come with it.  But the largest of these issues all of will have to face is one we can't change.  This latest iteration of Microsoft's flagship product marks a drastic change in the way your computer will work.  And sadly, this change in operation is not for the better.  The Metro interface, as industry insiders have been calling it for months, will operate almost entirely like the Windows phone operating system.  This renders desktop work almost impossible, and shows that Microsoft has lost concern for the workplace and just wants their products to look pretty, even if they no longer do anything.

So, we here at Digital Fruit have  decided to try and do something about this.  Ubuntu Linux has grown tremendously over the last two years, and now stands as a viable alternative to both Windows and Mac OS.  We will be giving this system our full attention and support.  We'll also be aggressively pushing the sales of desktop computers and laptops with Ubuntu.  We can save. People almost $100 dollars per desktop.   So welcome Ubuntu in to the family, it not just the new kid in town anymore.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Internet Access

So, Digital Fruit is devoted to the cause of bringing everyone decent internet access.  In support of an ideal championed by groups like the European Pirate party, that the flow and access to information is a basic human right.

We are currently working on systems to provide free internet access to our customers of lower incomes, and we will always provide free wifi on any of our campuses.

Let us know if you have suggestions, desires, or concerns.