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Friday, November 30, 2012


I never thought I would have so much fun with a 20 MHz processor and 32 KB of ram.  I mean honestly, those sound like specs from 1970, and yet the Arduino micro controller system operates on just that.  I have been picking up pieces of the Arduino for almost a year now, but I found something the other day that really got me going with this whole micro-computer thing.  At Radio Shack they have mint tin kits from Make:, and by far the coolest one is the Mintduino.

The Mintduino is an Arduino based micro controller in a mint tin.  Its a DIY kit with a solder less breadboard and almost all of the pieces you need to make your own Arduino.  And the coolest thing to me is that the whole thing runs off of a single nine volt battery.  It doesn't come with the USB connector, but I found you can buy it from Make:'s website for fifteen bucks.

I know it sounds terribly geeky of me, but it is totally awesome that you can now buy a web server in a mint tin.  That's amazing.  Till next time catch you on the flip side.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another Patch Tuesday

So, another Microsoft patch Tuesday is coming, and this time there are several critical errors being fixed.  Nineteen errors in all will be repaired, a few of which will affect the brand new Windows 8.

It worries me that a product that just rolled off the shelf in the last couple of weeks could already have known critical security flaws.  Honestly, to be releasing the patch so soon means that they knew about these security flaws before the product launched.

So, if you've spent the money already and bought a new Windows computer or Surface tablet, make sure you patch.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ubuntu 12.10

Fast becoming one of my favorite things to go online each October, the latest update to my favorite operating system is here.  While not the long term support release, I find that the best new features for Ubuntu come out in the fall.

So as I sit here in front of my computer, waiting for it to download some 2056 new files, which seems like it will take a couple of hours, I'm excited to see what updates will be there.  Some will seem cool, but almost never get used, like the ability to shop from right from the dash.  Others will probably get used every day with out even being noticed, like some of the UI upgrades I've read about.

So, to finish off this little blurb today, I would like to prompt people, if they haven't tried out Ubuntu yet, head to and download 12.10, and give the LiveCD a chance.  Who knows, you might just enjoy it too.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Final Countdown

Yes, I know, cheesy title, but it really does seem fitting.  With the soon-to-drop Windows 8, and all the commotion over the decline of the personal computer, there is a certain feeling in the air like this is the end of desktop computing.  Everything about Windows 8 looks and feels like it beings on a tablet.  And Microsoft is very excited about there new Surface tablet/laptop.

So, with the industry acting like 2012 really is the end of the world as we know it, will this be the last Windows desktop release?  I don't think think so, personally.  To me it seems like the industry is just catching up with itself.  If anyone would take the time to slow down and think about it, computers have only been a mainstream gadget for about 17 years now.  In terms of product life, that may seem like forever, but that means not even one whole generation has grown up with computers being a constant and prevalent part of there lives.

And to top all that off, we are dead set in the middle of a recession. Everyone is looking at how to cut costs.  I think this is just a temporary stumbling block in a long future of computer use.  So many industries and people depend on PCs, even should Windows 8 fail, things will recover.

Friday, October 19, 2012

It Might Be Time

I don't know how this might affect everyone else, and as the business Digital Fruit we might see some potential for this, but with the new 'feature' on Facebook where you can pay seven dollars and get your post put to the top of everyone's news feed, I'm almost wondering if this might be the point at which Facebook users draw the line and say enough.

It just creeps of the feeling that Facebook is desperately scraping to get money.  The whole idea that your annoying rich family member or work associate can just pay a nominal fee and you are forced into seeing all of their stuff before getting to read everybody else's is just repugnant.

But as I said, it may not seem all bad to everyone.  Small businesses could really use the ability to try and draw the potential customer in against all the larger companies.  It also opens up avenues for things like campaigns  and activist groups to spread there word more effective.  So, who knows.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

OS Push

With the soon to be released Windows 8 operating system, a whole flood of new problems will come with it.  But the largest of these issues all of will have to face is one we can't change.  This latest iteration of Microsoft's flagship product marks a drastic change in the way your computer will work.  And sadly, this change in operation is not for the better.  The Metro interface, as industry insiders have been calling it for months, will operate almost entirely like the Windows phone operating system.  This renders desktop work almost impossible, and shows that Microsoft has lost concern for the workplace and just wants their products to look pretty, even if they no longer do anything.

So, we here at Digital Fruit have  decided to try and do something about this.  Ubuntu Linux has grown tremendously over the last two years, and now stands as a viable alternative to both Windows and Mac OS.  We will be giving this system our full attention and support.  We'll also be aggressively pushing the sales of desktop computers and laptops with Ubuntu.  We can save. People almost $100 dollars per desktop.   So welcome Ubuntu in to the family, it not just the new kid in town anymore.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Internet Access

So, Digital Fruit is devoted to the cause of bringing everyone decent internet access.  In support of an ideal championed by groups like the European Pirate party, that the flow and access to information is a basic human right.

We are currently working on systems to provide free internet access to our customers of lower incomes, and we will always provide free wifi on any of our campuses.

Let us know if you have suggestions, desires, or concerns.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

That Time of Year Again

So, with school back in full swing and computers getting more use than they have all summer, it is time again for the dreaded computer virus outbreaks that plague our favorite machines.

And that is why it saddens me to say we have already had an outbreak of the Alureon trojan and bootkit.  I'm just going to leave a link to the Wikipedia page here to describe it to you, but even if you don't click the link, know that this virus is bad, like Russian Mafia bad.  The kind of thing that kills your computer and takes hours to remove and restore your data.  This is ugly.

And the worst part is, its sneaky enough it slips past anti-virus software piggybacking on less than savory software packages you may be installing.  So, best advice to prevent an outbreak, don't install it if you can't trust it's source.

Other than that, go luck, and I hope you don't catch the bug, cause this doctor, at least, is booked.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Plethora of Used Parts

Now, when it comes to computers, I know as well as anybody that most of us love the shiny and new.  But with the ongoing problems with economic instability, I have to say that Digital Fruit has always been about reusing.  More than 66% of the computers we operate on are refurbished.

So the point of this article today is to promote the use of a refurbished computer.  Many of us have computers that have bit the dust, and are just sitting in a back closet, or have even had to give up on using a computer because we can't afford a new one.  But things don't have to be this way.  Digital Fruit, through our many business transactions have acquired parts that we have no computer to put them in.  Things as simple as DVD drives and as necessary as CPUs, and we have the ability to sell them at a fraction of the cost they originally sold for.  So please, before disposing of your old computer in the dumpster, please reconsider.  You may have a completely usable PC, just waiting for a few dollars in recycled parts.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Its ALIVE!!!

We have power!  So, after procuring an inverter we did a test run on the solar panel, we've found everything to be in working order.  Our next step will be to get a battery and a water-tight container to house it.  Then our first steps towards energy independence will be complete.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Digital Fruit Small Business Conference: Fall Edition

So, due to a lack of attendance, but a positive reaction from those who were there, we will be having a second go at the Digital Fruit Small Business Conference.  Some time in mid-September, we will be re-introducing the topics discussed at our last conference.  I would like to remind those attending that there is a $25 dollar entrance charge, and that lunch will be served after the first session block.  We look forward to having you there.


I feel I need to apologize.  Recently, with a plethora of business and personal problems, I have not been able to address customer's computers in a timely manner.  To any of you trapped in this seemingly endless cycle, I give my deepest apology.  I'm sorry.

Things have been improving, though, and the back log of computers in the shop is starting to clear out, so I should be able to finish things up soon.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Final: Digital Fruit Small Business Conference

So, we've finally gotten down a solid date for the Digital Fruit small business conference.  It will be held July 14, with two desperate blocks for attendance, 10-1 and 3-6.  Bringing a tablet or laptop is suggested, as there will be hands on demonstration of some of the skills we will be discussing.  The entry fee is $25, and each session is limited to 45 people.

There will be an hour block after each session set aside for businesses to network, and for software and hardware demos being done by us, Digital Fruit.  Refreshments will also be served half way through each session.  So come and join us, learn something new, and have some fun.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Sinking Ship or a Rising Phoenix?

So I was just reading an article on Tech Republic defending Microsoft's support of open source technology.  The article illustrated ten points that showed a large amount of Microsoft technology the company has open sourced.  Looking at that, and the statement the article made about Microsoft now being on of the top twenty contributors to Linux, it seems like open source is the new motto at Microsoft.

But there was another company that once aspired yo reach the top of the world, and failed.  In its death throws, that company, one Sun Micro systems, decided that it would make a sort of bid for immortality, turning almost all of software offerings into open source products.

Now, I'm not saying I think Microsoft is going anywhere, or that they have any plans to sell, but neither did Sun, and now they're gone.  The point I'm really driving at is maybe this is a last effort to stay relevant, or maybe a shot at something greater.

To argue against the Sun comparison, I will point out two major differences that Microsoft has from what Sun did.  Microsoft has money, and they have better PR than Sun did.

The money thing should speak for itself.  The PR thing, that where Sun really failed.  Almost no one knew that Sun was dying.  If Microsoft suddenly disappeared, people would notice.

So make your own decision, if Microsoft setting up to sink or soar?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just An Update

So I figured I'd just drop a line and say something really quick.  With all of the jumbled chaos of a new baby and buying a house, I haven't been keeping up with all of Digital Fruit's media outlets.

First item of business is the two sites I've been working on to help generate some more biz around our web development branch,, and  These two new sites stem from two of my more passionate obsessions, collectable card games and photography, though the later will be far less focused on just photography, and more of a go-to place for images of just about anything.

Next update is a renewed push for the Digital Fruit Aluminum drive.  If you have anything to donate, it is greatly appreciated, and the proceeds from this will help both the community and the environment.  So, if you see a can pick it up and save it for a better tomorrow.

And lastly, the Digital Fruit Small Business Conference is fast approaching.  If you have not reserved your seat, do so soon, as seating is limited.

That's all I have for today, so catch you on the flip side.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

USA Not Doing So Hot

I read about the Swiss movement know as the Pirate Party way back in 2009 I think, in an article in the Seattle Times.  I was impressed by the idea that a political party could form over just the abuses of the world wide web.  And honestly, that was the last I heard of them for a while.

But the Pirate party has made some news lately, and frankly, I'm worried we are falling behind here in the states.  In this article and this one, I've found they have been a very busy political force, becoming the third largest party in Germany.  In just two years!  It kind of makes you wonder if all of this copyright and fair-use law might just be a little important.  But here in the states, nobody gives a damn.  In a country born on the principles of freedom, we've been willingly signing away our rights over how we use the internet and how property is owned.

And that is correct, I did say property.  When you go and download a program or a song from the internet, the legal term is IP, intellectual property, and we have always regarded the purchase of property to be a transfer of that property from one person to another.  But these days, people in power want to limit your rights to do so.  There are major name producers that are trying to make it so you can't even re-sell a CD or video game without paying them again.

While the Pirate party may have been founded with a silly name and very loose purpose, that of simple keeping the internet free and open, I think we can all learn from the Pirates, and maybe find that inner Pirate in all of us.  Stand up, make your voice heard, and don't let those who would limit your rights get away with it without a fight.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Props To Open Source

So, while watching stuff on July the other day, I noticed a very subtle tribute to the open source community during a Verizon commercial.  I'm not sure if it was intentional on the part of the marketing group who created the ad, but it still stands as a profound mark for open means of communication.

During their new Droid Does marketing campaign, there is a scene where a dad and two boys are camping, they pop their heads out of the tent, then the camera cuts back inside to them watching a video on the phone.  To most people it just looks like a cartoon, but to these wary open sourced eyes, I knew it for what it was.  It was the scene in Big Buck Bunny where Franky throws an acorn at the bird.

So, an open source product endorsing an open movie.  That's a lot of open. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Building Up Our Resources

We here at Digital Fruit have a goal to become an entertainment and information company, providing you, our customers, with fascinating and enriching media experiences that will last a lifetime.  This is no easy task, though, and the demands that modern entertainment projects demand can be overwhelming.  Knowing we can't compete without innovation, Digital Fruit is trying something new.

We have purchased two new AMD Llano APUs, a combination central processor and graphics chip. In conjunction with several new software upgrades, we will soon be bringing you high caliber CG animations and visual effects enhanced video.

Our first project will be a short film simply and descriptively titled Wizards' Duel.  I'm not going to say anything more about this one right now, and I don't think I need to say anything more for you to know what to expect.  Check back here on the blog often for test renders and new information, as the eam involved will be updating regularly.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Still Yahoo?

I was just looking at site ranks, as Digital Fruit now gets enough web traffic to be noticed by Alexa.  For the fun of it, I clicked on the list of top 500 websites, and I was kind of disturbed by what I found there. is still in the top 5!  A company that long forgotten, that has been trying to sell itself for years now, is still in the top 5.  That is a mind blowing thought.

And it stands as a testament to the human need for something familiar.  My generation grew on the constant change the internet fed us, constant craving something new, so I think we often forget that the majority of people have grown up in a world where things stayed more constant.  And I'm not just talking about generations before us either, the generations after will probably never see the kind of change we saw.  And that makes me realize, people return to what is familiar.  A site as forgotten to pulse and beat of popular media as yahoo, and people still go back there, more than twitter, more than Wikipedia, and more than amazon.

So, as closing, what is your comfort site?  Where do you default back to when you're trying to remember?  Feel free to leave a comment below.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Digital Fruit Small Business Conference

So, with a tenative date set in the middle part of June (I still have to discuss the exact date with the business that has been gracious enough to host this event), the Digital Fruit Small Business Conference will begin.  Seating starts at $20 a business, and attendance is limited to the space available, about 45 seats.  If you are a small business in the Grays Harbor area and are interested in attending, contact me via email at and let me know how many will be attending from your business.  Thanks for your interest and support.

A Complaint About Docs

If you are a fan of Android and have spent any time online in the last few years, chances are you've heard about Google Docs, the always-in-the-cloud office documents system.  I've been using this innovative new system to write a couple of new projects, and to collaborate with some of my co-conspirators.  And overall, I'm pleased with how it works. Especially the autosave feature.

But I have been using Docs mostly on my Android tablet, and I hit a snag today.  I was stuck out in an area where wifi was not freely available, and in some spots not available at all.  So I figured I would give Google Docs offline feature a try. So, in the Docs app, I loaded up a new document, gave it a silly title like I usually do, and hit the create button.  Error code.  Tried again, error code.  I tried as many different settings as possible, and still error code.

It seems you cannot create a new document in offline mode, which seriously diminishes the usefulness of Google Docs.  Just being able to edit already written documents in offline mode isn't very useful, as many times if you are going to use the offline function at all it will be to start a new document.  And I find it sad that even the Blogger mobile app will let you create a new blog post with out a connection to the internet, but an office suite won't.  Google needs to fix this, and fix this fast if they are serious about moving the modern office to the cloud.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Testing Out Windows 8

So I was finally able to get my copy of the Windows 8 consumer preview up and running in a virtual machine, so now I can give it the the thorough exam it needs. So far, this is a hotly contended update to the flagship Windows product, and there are a lot of changes to examine. After only a cursory overview of about half an hour, I can already say that, my opinion on Windows 8 has already changed.

First off, a more positive note; I am not as apaled with the new Metro interface as I thought I would be. Though very simple in design, it is clean, customizable, and quick, though not very intuitive. My first complaint, though, comes from an annoyance that just should be happening in Windows. The new start bar for Windows 8 functions almost as badly as the Unity sidebar in Ubuntu, but is nowhere near as useful. It contains only five buttons, and of them, the majority of people might use two or three. Also, getting this elusive start bar to appear isn't so easy to figure out, whiccvh is a problem considering that the only way to launch new applications is to get back to the start menu. You actually have to put your mouse up in the right-top corner, or the botttom-right corner, and I mean all the way down in the corner. Also, I've heard complaints from writers on the and websites that people using larger displays causes problems, stating that Windows 8 is designed with tablets in mind. But I actually had an opposite response. Windows 8 wouldn't even let me open photos for viewing because my monitor settings in Virtualbox won't go any higher than 700 pixels in height. And this last complaint, I will admit, is a weak one, but I still have to write it down. The lack of a software based shutdown button makes using Windows 8 really annoying in a virtual machine, because they expect you to have a way of shutting down the system in the OS. Its only a little thing, but it still bugs me.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Lol, An Actual Easter Egg In Google Search

Had a friend post this in a Facebook post, and I'm not sure its really a easter egg in the internet sense, just so serious geekery, but it definitely is an Easter egg in the traditional sense.  Just enter this exact phrase in google (google shortens it on the displayed page, but re-entering the shortened part only brings up web page results):

1.2+(sqrt(1-(sqrt(x^2+y^2))^2) + 1 - x^2-y^2) * (sin (10000 * (x*3+y/5+7))+1/4) from -1.6 to 1.6
 So, did you enjoy?  Its even colored for that really Easter egg flare.  Keep having fun and happy Easter everyone.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Technology, New Possibilities

So, I'm typing this from the tablet that Digital Fruit picked up just recently, finding out what things are moving into in the future.  I'm hoping this step into mobile computing will make it easier for me to complete the projects Digital Fruit has waiting in the wings.

I'm also seeking out talent that would like to work on projects that they could put on there resume, doing something akin to an internship. Any artists interested, contact me through my email, Also, for the year of 2012, we're working on some other big events. There is the Digital Fruit Small Business Conference, which we are planning to have some time in June, and I am taking another wack at holding DFCon sometime later in the year. All of this, and so much more are happening this year for Digital Fruit, so be prepared and come attend.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Possible Patch Problems

3-28-2012: Digital Fruit has had two Windows 7 computers come in with unexplainable mid-operation shut-downs.  They seem to be associated with a Windows patch from about a month ago.  We are still looking into the cause, but the update seems to be the only thing they have in common.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Addictive Hobby

So, I've been working on reviving a site I created back in my youth.  It was a collection of images of collectible cards from collectible card games.  I'm looking for suggestions for a website name, and what you readers would like to have the site do.  Leave you suggestions on in the comments section.  Any suggestions are welcomed.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Images

So, to indulge my habit of chronicling junk, I've put up some new images on the site.  Most of them are of random packaging, and, though it may seem random, there is rhyme behind the madness.  I plan to set up some pages on design theory and packaging as it pertains to marketing.  I'll be using some of the images a example material.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Solar Panel

Yep, you read that right.  In our efforts to bring about a better digital age, Digital Fruit has taken its first step towards environmentally responsible computing.  We have obtained our first solar panel, and will be working towards a storage battery and an inverter next.

If you want to help participate in the Digital Fruit responsible computing initiative, just head to our website,, and give us a call for pick up on any aluminum recycling you have.  And thank you for all of those already participating, our efforts are already paying off!

LAN Party Today

So today is the ides of March, and we're celebrating by throwing our monthly LAN party.  Admission still stands as usual, bring your own computer, and we are collecting donations for the soda fund.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Most Atrocious Use of Linux

So, I have come to the personal opinion that I have found the most atrocious use of the Linux kernel to date.  Gtech lottery systems.  Now, I don't know if its as bad on all of Gtech's products, because my only experience is the ones in Washington. 

But goodness, I didn't think it was possible to make a system more finicky and unstable than Windows ME.  This thing absolutely stinks.  And the major problem, Java.  Its what the whole system is running on.  There is a quick boot from the bootloader, then its on to a Java interface, and this thing is buggy as hell.  Sometimes the system I work with prints mystery tickets, sometimes it won't print tickets at all.  It will crash if communication with Olympia gets cut off.  Its a nightmare to deal with some days.

So, as this seems to be the most shameful misuse of the Tux logo, I'm giving it two fruit, as it is still more secure than the NPC windows units Wal-Mart used.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Product Pick: Rosewill RC-215

So, here we are again with another product pick, this time I'm reviewing the Rosewill RC-215, a SATA 1.5G/ATA raid card.  Now, this pick will be short and sweet.  Windows 7 automatically detected the hardware and set it up in-system, but this raid controller gets an automatic fail, 1-fruit listing.  Why?  Because the bios wasn't installed on the chip, and I haven't been able to find a way to flash the rom with the update.  Even Rosewill's own Rom update couldn't install it.  Till next time, catch you on the flip-side.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

If You're in Susanville

So, I'm happy to lend a link to a friend of mine back in my home town of Susanville California.  She has a photography studio going, and her work is fun and imaginative, so check it out.

Photo Alchemy

and lets hope you enjoy the photo-show.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Giving it a Second Go

Okay, now last year I tried to drum up interest in the DF Con idea, and that fell flat on its face.  Not because their wasn't interest, but because I couldn't get facilities, and we didn't have enough content to warrant a convention.  This year I'm hoping to change all of that.  I'm roughly setting a date for early July, and we'll see how things go from there.  We already have more stuff ready for this year, so lets hope things work out for the best.

Giving Up Facebook

I just got a message today from an old friend via Facebook.  He said he was quiting Facebook and gave me his phone number and email.  I called and talked with him for a while, and brought up the subject of why he was leaving the social network.  His response was simple enough, he'd had enough, of the privacy issues and drama, not something new to gripe about in the world of blue and white.  What did hit me was how easy it was for him.  He had no problem with it at all, just left, no questions asked.

Which seems complete anti-thesis to idea that social networking is becoming an essential part of our culture.  I began to realize that as far as personally and business wise, I could drop Facebook, too, and never really give it a second thought.  I don't really use it all that much.  So, think about that to yourself, how important is a social network to you?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

(Working Title) Titanic

So, I'm working up a new multi-player game, and I'm in need of help to come up with more meat on its bones.  So far, the idea is just a working demo for showing off at the Digital Fruit LAN parties, and if the game gets to completion soon, it will probably be given away as a prize for the victors at tournaments (of other games, of course).

Main premise so far, the Titans: Giant monolithic dragon deities aligned with the force of nature they control, or reek havoc on.  Your goal, ally yourself with your chosen deity and fight to bring about its will, or defend it's morals against assailants.  Includes as playable characters: monster races, barbarians, holy knights(Paladin and Templar), undead, and forest dwellers.  Also working on a race of nomadic drifters, but that may or may not make it in.

Any suggestions are welcome, criticism is not.  This project is already underway, and telling me it contrite and cliché will not change how it goes.  Thank you for participating.

Problems for Linux Numbers (But Not Really)

I was checking the statistics of this very blog yesterday through blogger, and I noticed something strange.  The number of Linux users that visits the blog has gone down.  Now, this only perplexed me for a moment, as the answer to the puzzle was also right in front of my eyes, but what do think was the cause?

Well, the cause is that Blogger's statistics are now counting Ubuntu as a seperate and distinct operating system.  And as I see it, this can only benefit the Linux community as a whole.  Yes, it does mean there might be some naming confusion, like how people think Android is different from Linux, but all in all, it means enough people are using a Linux product to set it apart from the nearly thousands of Linux distributions floating around out there.

Now mind you, this is mostly an opinion piece, but it is the opinion of someone who isn't a Linux user on principal, but because it actually does what I need it to better than the competition.  And Ubuntu is something that the more attention it gets, the better it gets.  So, as I said, I think this is a good sign for the Linux community that Ubuntu is getting recognized as a separate system.  Maybe it will get people over the stigma of "using Linux".

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Small Business Seminar

Digital Fruit is working on setting up a small business seminar sometime in the near future.  The seminar will cover free or low cost technologies to help small businesses grow.  The admittance fee will be twenty dollars.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Digital Fruit Stands against SOPA & PIPA

Along with the blackout of Wikipedia, the blackout doodle on, and Mozilla's remarks on the Firefox homepage, I would like Digital Fruit to be counted with the rest of our internet allies in the fight against the horrible legislation standing before congress and the senate.  These two bills, SOPA & PIPA, strive to seg a legal standard that practically screams of George Orwell's 1984.  These bills aren't about copyright violations, they are about the control of ghe flow of information.  They establish a system where a select few get to decide what is and what isn't on the internet, without the consent of the people.  That is the kind of oppression this country was founded to prevent.  Don't just sit by and let it happen again.

So, I would prompt you, if you are a resident of Aberdeen, or anywhere in the United States, contact your state representative, and tell them to vote NO on both the SOPA and PIPA.

Friday, January 13, 2012

LAN Party Tomorrow

LAN party tomorrow, at 8:30pm.  Be there or be square.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Product Pick: QR Code Reader

So, I'm not going to waste a lot of time here, because there is definitely a lot of time to waste.  There are so many QR code readers out there, and all of them seem to think you need this amazing plethora of features you will never use.  That in mind, my pick automatically goes to Google Goggles.

This lightweight and easy to use QR reader is the fastest I've seen.  I tried it out against the Best Buy product reader app, and QR Droid, the two previous android readers I used, and neither could hold a candle to it.  Its just amazingly fast.  Which is great when you're trying to read a QR code on the fly.

Also, the Google Goggles app has an added feature that actually made my reader experience more secure.  From what I've read, there is only one other major market reader that has this feature, but Goggles actually previews what the web address is that you are being taken to, so you can actually check it out and make sure it isn't some seed place that will infect your phone with malware

So overall, the Google Goggles app gets a five fruit rating, because it was an amazing improvement over the garbage I had to suffer through before.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Working on Our Presence

So, this is a quick request to the people who visit here.  We at Digital Fruit are trying to increase our web presence, and could use the help of any of our readers.  I know its sneaky, but we are trying to up the number of hits we get on the Digital Fruit website, so if it isn't a nuisance, make your homepage.  Thanks

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bad Signs

So, I've been paying attention and doing some research, and also some remembering.  I've been remembering two singular events in US history, that may have just been related.

Now, its hard to argue the point anymore that video games are the high point of entertainment, and that they are usually the first things cut when people can't afford something new.  That just sounds like common sense.

But what happens when people can't afford things like video games over the course of  a long period of time?  The industry sags.  And that is exactly what happened in the early eighties in the US.  I think its happening again.  There are a lot of symptoms that match up, so you might not even expect.  A resurgence in PC gaming for one.  And the seeming "health" of the current gaming industry, where just about anyone can be a developer.  All of these are similar to the gaming crash of 82.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

So the new year has begun, and that means its time for resolutions.  And Digital Fruit has as a few of it's own this year, too.

For the year 2012, Digital Fruit plans to complete the Digital Fruit radio to version 1.0, and get it's first java-based game up on the video games page.  We will also get the shop up and running and get our first retail offerings up on the site.  So, look forward to it.