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Monday, July 25, 2011

Google Getting into the Anti-Malware Game

I was just checking out my twitter feed today and found a tweet from Google on how they're helping out in fight against malware.  And honestly, I think its brilliant.

Here is the link to their blog post on the subject.  Reading through the article, I find the concept amazingly simple.  Google has found the proxy servers that host several of the Fake AV virus' out their and alerts a person when their computer is sending data to Google through those proxies.  The alert only appears in Google's search results, so even seeing it at all tips you off that your computer is infected, making the act of faking the alert to get people to install something worse almost pointless(I stress the almost because if some one is gullible enough, any fake alert is worth it to virus hosts).  A very simple way to help people purge their computers of virus'.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

I was reading an article today on Tech Republic about this new decade being the decade of the developer.  While I agree with that 99%, I have a slight problem with part of this discussion.  The author, Jason Hiner, Editor-in-Chief of Tech Republic, makes a point of applications being more modular and streamline, doing only one or two tasks very well.  And he's not the only one I've read that is on this kick.  There are a lot of tech writers that think apps will eclipse software suites.

I have one serious issue with this, though.  Where I do feel that focus is important in an application, and Microsoft certainly abused the added-features element of software, I think that the days of simple one-off apps that serve a single function are temporary.  As time goes on and smart phones and tablets become more mainstays, the applications on those platforms that will survive the holocaust of apps that is to come, will be the applications that keep you from having to leave to do something else related.  Its why we have software suites to begin with.

As I see it, this is just a repeat of the early days of computing, where the world was big and new and everyone wanted their piece of it.  Once the dust has cleared, and the winners settle on the top of the pile, I think we'll see a return to dependence on key sets of applications, and that they will be all-in-one wonders, because honestly, those are the systems that sell best to consumers consistently. (I mean, really, when was the last time someone bought a printer that just printed?)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finally, Google+

So, I've been searching up and down all weekend to get one of those elusive Google+ invites, but to no avail.  And, just when I was beginning to despair, I get an invite from my brother.

And with a thank you to him for that, I was able to play around on Google+ for most of the afternoon, and I'm kind of sad to say that I only used Facebook for a couple of months before switching to something new.  Honestly, it only took me a few minutes of use before I was ready to shout for joy and say "thank you! something that makes sense!"

With my case, this whole Google+ thing will amazingly useful as a business owner.  Using adsense and analytics, along with adwords and webmaster tools, I can see integration of these along with my social network becoming something I use regularly, and not just something I feel obligated to update every once in a while.

Also, the circles method of contact management is awesome.  I've gotten a lot of trash talk from my wife about all of the people I've friended on Facebook, and how can I possibly be friends with all of these people?  Well, now I can put business associates, friends, family, fans and acquaintances all in their own tidy little place, so next time my wife sees how small my circle of friends is, she won't have anything to say except, "You need to meet people."

The Netflix Dive

Wow, I never really expected people to complain so much about a five dollar change in their bill.  But then again, when your bill was only $9.99 a month, a five dollar increase is pretty significant.  As Digital Fruit has plans to set up a streaming service for our digital video content, we're watching this situation closely.  And honestly, its looking pretty gnarly.

The massive amount of customer backlash at Netflix over changing their pricing plan has made a huge amount of noise all over the web.  I mean, I got links to two different articles on the topic in my inbox for Digital Fruit, and another two separate articles in my personal e-mail inbox, all within a couple of hours today.  I see more clearly than ever now people are very serious about their entertainment media.

Though it seems very laughable now because of our lack of content, Digital Fruit will, for the foreseeable future, keep our video content streaming for free from our servers, paid for by advertising dollars, not subscription fees.  You can count on it.

So, any of our readers subscribers to Netflix?  How has this turn of events treated you?  Are you fine with a five dollar increase, or will you be finding a new method to get your media?  Let me know in the comments section.

Will You Wait for Google+?

     So, as I have been watching the news media and reading the blog posts that seem to be everywhere about the new social network Google+, I've been chomping at the bit to to try it out for my self.  I've heard of sneaky workarounds, but they require you to know someone on the inside.  Sad as it is to say, this techie just isn't high enough on the food chain yet to even know someone invited.
     But with all this hype and fuss over Google+, will people wait?  I don't know how long Google plans to keep Google+ a field test, but is it good to hype your product before you even know when it will be available publicly?  Will customers wait?  I wanted to ask our readers again.  So, will you wait for a chance to sign up for Google+?
     I will speak for myself and say that what I've seen and heard of Google+ is enough, I'll be their on opening day to sign away(as a Blogger blogger it should be quick, Google already has my life history).  I'm anxious to hear whether you will, too, and if you do, add us to your tech circle.

Monday, July 11, 2011

In Appreciation of Blender

     Blender is a unique and interesting program.  Originally touted as the open-source attempt at a full on production suite for computer generated content, it has grown into a industry level computer graphics application.  And, even though I the program is available for free from, I think Blender has an amazing place in the world of the GPL to remain free, and yet generate amazing amounts of revenue.
     My sole reason for this idea is that within the world of video production, it’s the content produced that makes the real money.  The companies that create this content spend thousands and thousands of dollars customizing scripts for the specific project they are working on, and for a program like Blender, some of this work can get translated into new features.  Plus, under the GPL, any production company can modify Blender and make it better, which just furthers the capabilities of Blender as a whole.
     So, I don’t see it as farfetched at all to think that one day in the future, the CG program of choice in Hollywood could be Blender, (I mean, heck, even grand old Pixar uses linux for their OS).

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Quick Mental Musing

     My quick mental musing today is to whether or not Android, iOS, and Win Phone 7 really qualify as full operating systems, or just useful user interface, like the things your blue ray player run on?  Honestly, this is a question I've been ruminating on for some time now.  So many of the major changes going on in the computer industry are based off of these three systems, but are they really anything more than quaint toys we used to access greater content?  Without the functionality of the cloud, are these devices even worth messing with?  And if the cloud concept fails, will the fascination of the general public still be so fixated on the 'smart phone'?
     I have my opinion, but I'm not here to rant.  I want to know what the readers think.  Leave your thoughts and rants in the comments below, and let me know whether or not you think some changes need to happen to the current touch tablet interfaces, to make them into 'more of an OS'.  Thanks.