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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yuletide BC

     And now for some yuletide bull crap from Microsoft.  When reading through an article about how Microsoft has finally scrapped the genuine Office validation system, I read this quote:

The Office Genuine Advantage program was designed to notify many customers around the world whether their copy of Microsoft Office was genuine. The program has served its purpose and thus we have decided to retire the program. Given our strong commitment to anti-piracy, we are making several new investments that will allow us to engage with customers and help victims of fraud. If you believe that your Office software may be counterfeit, please visit Microsoft’s How to Tell website. You may also learn more about Microsoft Office products or purchase or download a genuine copy directly. If you have additional questions or otherwise require support on this issue, please contact us for support options. (ZDNet article)
     Honestly, this almost made me want to puke.  I want to know in what twisted, messed up world Microsoft has every thought that software validation ever protect anything more then their own assets.  No one really cares about whether their software is genuine, as long as it works.
     Now, if software validation could somehow guarantee that software you are about to install isn't malicious and infecting your computer with a virus, I might think that it was worth using.  But honestly, who do they think they are kidding, saying that Windows Genuine Advantage protects you from anything?  All it does is add another annoying step to the process of using your computer.  Grow up Microsoft.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Submission Incomplete

     I hate having to enter things like this in, but I’ll be having to retract my entry into the Jerusalem 2111 contest.  It is now four days till the deadline, and I simply don’t have enough content created to submit a video for this contest.  With certain life and business changes that have come up in the last few months, what seemed like an easy enough task, create a CG video of 1-3 minutes in length, became an overwhelming task that seemed to demand more and more time I didn’t have to complete it.  I’m sorry.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Website Update

     Hello everyone!  This is Andrew again, and I'm just dropping in to let all of you know that is getting a huge overhaul over the next couple of days.  Check back in regularly to see just whats going on.
     Till then, catch you on the flip-side!


     So, Digital Fruit is in the middle of acquiring new diagnostic hardware.  With these new tools we'll be able to more accurately assess computer problems that aren't readily visible.
     We will be investing in a power supply tester, a PCI post card, and network cable tester.  With these tools, finding problems, even with small networks, will be made much, much easier.   So, in our attempts to bring more quality to our customers, we will press on in acquisitions of the tools we need to make this work.