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Monday, February 15, 2010

Time, something I'm always short on

     I have to make this one quick this morning because I have to get to bed soon, I'm supposed to be up early tomorrow.  The only update I have for today is that business is booming, and I'm up to my ears in work it feels like.  I seem to no time to even breath, which is wonderful, because it means that this is working.
     On a helpful tech note, if any of you are having problems with Asus brand laptops or desktops, and are getting Blue Screens of Death in your Windows 7® operating system, you might be suffering from corrupted drivers, and not a virus.  This is good because driver re-installation is usually much easier than removing a stubborn virus, so it is not as long a process, and it is not as expensive (note I said usually, there are always some times when these things break the mold).
     So, this is time for me to log out, so good night for now.