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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


     It's wonderful to be typing this again so soon, but today I'm working on more computers for customers.  Isn't wonderful to hear?  So, I'm setting to work setting things right.  I love this work, it keeps me so enthralled with all the possibilities of the things I'll have to do. It's great!
     I'm also working on a website,, for a fishing charter company out of BC Canada.  Its some really sophisticated work.  We're trying to boost the sites rating in Google, and I'm learning a lot about how to further my own websites and the company as a whole from this project. Its stands to help us along a great deal in the future.
    I'm trying to make a habit of this, so here is my item of the day again.  Today's item gets a lot of flack in the tech world, but that's because its looked at as a full scale computer.  That's right, its the acer aspire one.  This mini-notebook is on my personal wish list.  Not because I aspire (no pun intended) to make movies or edit world-class photographs with it, but because it would be really darn convenient to be able to have something to tote around with me that wasn't huge and bulky, that I could use to check my e-mail, update the blog, or just write some code, which, by-the-way, does not require a massive, uber processor, because it is just plan text.  With all of these things, the little Aspire one has a great record for reliability, and can cover all these needs easily.
     Past the product of the day, I've also got great news on the power front.  As pathetic as it may sound, we are almost at 9 volts of power, and at peak sun can generate a good 13 watts of power.  Also, I've been studying my pants off, and have nearly managed to create a regulator for making sure that the electricity is stable and clean.  There will be more updates on this later.