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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Product Pick Delayed

     Well, it has been a few days since I've done a product pick, but now I'm here again and ready to get to the nitty-gritty.
     Today's product pick will be the start of a small off-shoot product pick category, Video Games. So, on that note, we will start with the first of our video-game related products listing; The Nintendo Wii® .
     The funny thing is that what makes this system top of the line is not the fact that it is different from its competitors, which have all come out with motion controllers, and even have better graphics than the Wii, but the fact that the Wii®  has less to work with and still seems to come up with more enjoyable games and mechanics. I've been more impressed with what this little system has put out since it was released than the Xbox® or the Playstation 3® . Its just seems to work better in my opinion.
     Also, as I mentioned before, there seems to be a larger amount of fresh ideas floating around on the Wii® , which is certainly helping the world market for video games.
     But all philosophy aside, the Wii® has an amazing motion system, which has recently been enhanced even more.  Also, with the ability to use multiple controler types and motion styles, the system has such a wide range of gameplay that no one will be disappointed.  The one that I was most shocked about was how well First Person Shooter style games went.  Most game connoisseurs feel that a FPS should be played on the PC, and have proven many times over that it is the fastest method to play these games.  But on the Wii I was shocked with how well many of the FPSs I tried played fluidly, and the controls just seemed to work.  This one is definitely my pick for a game system.