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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cash or Check, Both okay!

     In ever increasing baby steps, Digital Fruit is moving on its way towards something big.  I spent most of the afternoon with a very nice, very friendly bank teller, opening a business account so that we can process checks written out to Digital Fruit now.  The computer she was entering the information into was not agreeing with anyone, and it kept trying to eat the information, making the whole process take a little longer than it should have, but as I said before, the teller was really nice.
     So now the process is finished.  We can take cash or check, and in the near future, hopefully debit and credit.  But before those to come into the picture, I think work facilities would do nicely.  The are kind of essential to the workings of a good business.  So that will probably be our next goal.
    Or maybe gaining a small amount of inventory and re-applying for a business license that has retail sales licensing on it, so that we could start selling things like printer ink and ram, along with repair parts for computers I'll be fixing.  That might be a good second goal instead.
     Well, which ever one I decide we need to do first, I'm sure it will work out fine.  It really is difficult to figure out which is to come first, the chicken or the egg.
     Duty calls though, and I have to be up really early tomorrow, so I'm signing off now, good-night.