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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Personal Health, Tech Geek Style

     Today's Product Pick is something I haven't personally tried, but gets my mark for ingenuity.  Personal health is of great importance to anyone, and especially for those that suffer from diabetes.  And one of the oldest hopes for technology has always been to help mankind live longer, healthier lives.
     So, in steps Bayer's Contour USB® Glucose Meter.  This blood meter isn't much bigger than a thumb drive, and connects to your computer just as easily.  Once you insert your test strip and plug it in to your computer, the meter transmits all of the information it can glean to an application installed on your system, which translates the information into graphs and charts that you can then review yourself, or share with your doctor.  The ability to track trends and shifts in your blood sugar, with out having to calculate it out on your own or manually enter it into a computer sounds to me like a live-saver(or at least a time-saver).
     Also, with an interactive screen on the unit itself, this looks to me to be a huge step forward not just in medical science, but in the realm of augmented reality as well.