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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guru Talk

     I've been reading some stuff on how to advertise without spending money.  One of the papers I've been reading is very web-oriented in its advice, and there are some very interesting suggestions.  I also find it funny that one of the things that the gentleman discusses is the benefits of doing free services for other people and businesses.  He discusses a concept he calls reciprocity, which, in a nut shell, is that if you do good things for someone else, they feel psychologically bound to help you out in return.  I had to chuckle to myself, because the thing that came to mind when I read that was all the times my mother told me that I should do unto others as I would have done unto me.  My mother is amazingly smart, and the older I get, the more I realize how much of it I really will use in my life and my business.  Thanks mom!
     But another thing that this gentleman discusses in his paper is that a blog should help and educate people, not sell product to them.  I'm still going to do my pic of the day, but its because I do believe that it will help people.  I'm not getting paid by these companies to support their products, I genuinely seek out what I feel to be the best of the products that are out there in the tech world, and I put in my two cents in their behalf.  When I used to work tech support at Staples, the biggest question I would get from people was "What do you think of it?"  Customers would expect an honest answer from someone they thought to be a professional, and I do these reviews with that intent.
     Lastly, I'm going to cover what the plan and design of Digital Fruit is here in the blog.  Its something that I've realized I have not discussed, nor have I discussed what Digital Fruit is.  So here I go.
     Digital Fruit is a digital electronic services company, but beyond that, we are an all around digital devices company.  They are what we are all about.  Digital Fruit strives to bring a fun and useful experience to our customers computing experience, and to provide them with all the tools they need to be happy and successful in today's digital world.  I like to say that we are helping to grow that digital world, hence the imagery of fruit, the sign of successful labor and hard work.
     How we do this is by providing several key services to our customers. 
     First: Tech Support.  Out in the world there are a large number of digital devices already in use, and many of our customers are overwhelmed by a world which demands mastery of all these digital devices.  So we are here to help.  We will always strive to provide our customers with the best knowledge and expertise in the field of digital electronics, be it a cell phone or a beowulf-class super computer.  We will give you our best.
     Second:  Product Retail and Understanding.  The second level of Digital Fruits plan is to provide customers with products they need to get by in the digital era.  We will always work to provide our customers with the products for whatever digital project they may have.   Be it the designing of a digital sound studio, or just the recording of a loved ones first dance recital, myself and future staff will provide you with what we feel is the best product for your needs, and we will work to have the knowledge to help you use your new product.
     Third: Research and Development.  This happens to be the largest category, because it in itself is two-fold.  Digital Fruit will always strive to be a self-sufficient company, and with that goal, we will constantly be looking for ways to expand and support ourselves.  Digital Fruit is looking into the production of environmentally clean sources of energy, that we will produce for ourselves and someday our customers.  We are also working to provide the best products for our customers, and so we are researching into the production of our own software and hardware(though we will always be willing to help with products that are not our own).
     Fourth and Final:  Service.  Digital Fruit is a company that has lofty aspirations.  We want to become a great company that will help our fellow people to enjoy there life through the benefits that computers can provide.  And to that end, it is the person that is most important, not the customer.  To that effect, Digital Fruit provides resources to people and institutions that may not be able to afford our services, free of charge.  We volunteer our time to non-profit efforts, and donate time and resources to help with worth efforts from all walks of life.  One tenth of the time that Digital Fruit will employ in labor for research and development will go towards efforts not for our profit, but the profit of others.  Projects like those in open-source software movement, medical research, and religious and philanthropic efforts to help our fellow man.
    Wow, that's quite long, but I felt that I needed to get those goals down somewhere, not just in my head.  So there it is, the goal and mission statement of Digital Fruit.  And I'm spent for now.  Later