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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank You!

     I've just been looking at some site stats, and I have found that a large portion of you viewing this blog are using Linux.  That's wonderful!!  Digital Fruit, being mainly a support company, is thrilled in the interest people have in a community driven operating system.  We support Linux as well as Windows and Mac operating systems, though most of our support focuses on Red Hat and Ubuntu, as these are more commercially supported and we have the ability to get more professional levels of information on their operation.  We are also looking to start supporting OpenSolaris, and Digital Fruit is looking to have our certification in OpenOffice and several other Solaris products.
    If you are looking for some helpful guides to OpenOffice, since we are on the subject, here is a link to amazon for a book from APress, one of my favorite open source publishers.  Also there is a lot of knowledge on the actually OpenOffice website.  This is the office suite that Top Foods has recently switched over to for use on their computers, and I also know that C & C marketing uses OpenOffice for their office productivity needs.  It's beginning to grow as a less expensive alternative to Microsoft Office®, and has a wide user-base already.  Digital Fruit is even planning to put in some time helping to develop better graph and presentation code for Writer and Calc.  So look out for news on that on the horizon.