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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Sinking Ship or a Rising Phoenix?

So I was just reading an article on Tech Republic defending Microsoft's support of open source technology.  The article illustrated ten points that showed a large amount of Microsoft technology the company has open sourced.  Looking at that, and the statement the article made about Microsoft now being on of the top twenty contributors to Linux, it seems like open source is the new motto at Microsoft.

But there was another company that once aspired yo reach the top of the world, and failed.  In its death throws, that company, one Sun Micro systems, decided that it would make a sort of bid for immortality, turning almost all of software offerings into open source products.

Now, I'm not saying I think Microsoft is going anywhere, or that they have any plans to sell, but neither did Sun, and now they're gone.  The point I'm really driving at is maybe this is a last effort to stay relevant, or maybe a shot at something greater.

To argue against the Sun comparison, I will point out two major differences that Microsoft has from what Sun did.  Microsoft has money, and they have better PR than Sun did.

The money thing should speak for itself.  The PR thing, that where Sun really failed.  Almost no one knew that Sun was dying.  If Microsoft suddenly disappeared, people would notice.

So make your own decision, if Microsoft setting up to sink or soar?