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Sunday, May 13, 2012

USA Not Doing So Hot

I read about the Swiss movement know as the Pirate Party way back in 2009 I think, in an article in the Seattle Times.  I was impressed by the idea that a political party could form over just the abuses of the world wide web.  And honestly, that was the last I heard of them for a while.

But the Pirate party has made some news lately, and frankly, I'm worried we are falling behind here in the states.  In this article and this one, I've found they have been a very busy political force, becoming the third largest party in Germany.  In just two years!  It kind of makes you wonder if all of this copyright and fair-use law might just be a little important.  But here in the states, nobody gives a damn.  In a country born on the principles of freedom, we've been willingly signing away our rights over how we use the internet and how property is owned.

And that is correct, I did say property.  When you go and download a program or a song from the internet, the legal term is IP, intellectual property, and we have always regarded the purchase of property to be a transfer of that property from one person to another.  But these days, people in power want to limit your rights to do so.  There are major name producers that are trying to make it so you can't even re-sell a CD or video game without paying them again.

While the Pirate party may have been founded with a silly name and very loose purpose, that of simple keeping the internet free and open, I think we can all learn from the Pirates, and maybe find that inner Pirate in all of us.  Stand up, make your voice heard, and don't let those who would limit your rights get away with it without a fight.