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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Props To Open Source

So, while watching stuff on July the other day, I noticed a very subtle tribute to the open source community during a Verizon commercial.  I'm not sure if it was intentional on the part of the marketing group who created the ad, but it still stands as a profound mark for open means of communication.

During their new Droid Does marketing campaign, there is a scene where a dad and two boys are camping, they pop their heads out of the tent, then the camera cuts back inside to them watching a video on the phone.  To most people it just looks like a cartoon, but to these wary open sourced eyes, I knew it for what it was.  It was the scene in Big Buck Bunny where Franky throws an acorn at the bird.

So, an open source product endorsing an open movie.  That's a lot of open.