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Friday, October 19, 2012

It Might Be Time

I don't know how this might affect everyone else, and as the business Digital Fruit we might see some potential for this, but with the new 'feature' on Facebook where you can pay seven dollars and get your post put to the top of everyone's news feed, I'm almost wondering if this might be the point at which Facebook users draw the line and say enough.

It just creeps of the feeling that Facebook is desperately scraping to get money.  The whole idea that your annoying rich family member or work associate can just pay a nominal fee and you are forced into seeing all of their stuff before getting to read everybody else's is just repugnant.

But as I said, it may not seem all bad to everyone.  Small businesses could really use the ability to try and draw the potential customer in against all the larger companies.  It also opens up avenues for things like campaigns  and activist groups to spread there word more effective.  So, who knows.