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Friday, November 30, 2012


I never thought I would have so much fun with a 20 MHz processor and 32 KB of ram.  I mean honestly, those sound like specs from 1970, and yet the Arduino micro controller system operates on just that.  I have been picking up pieces of the Arduino for almost a year now, but I found something the other day that really got me going with this whole micro-computer thing.  At Radio Shack they have mint tin kits from Make:, and by far the coolest one is the Mintduino.

The Mintduino is an Arduino based micro controller in a mint tin.  Its a DIY kit with a solder less breadboard and almost all of the pieces you need to make your own Arduino.  And the coolest thing to me is that the whole thing runs off of a single nine volt battery.  It doesn't come with the USB connector, but I found you can buy it from Make:'s website for fifteen bucks.

I know it sounds terribly geeky of me, but it is totally awesome that you can now buy a web server in a mint tin.  That's amazing.  Till next time catch you on the flip side.