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Friday, September 21, 2012

Plethora of Used Parts

Now, when it comes to computers, I know as well as anybody that most of us love the shiny and new.  But with the ongoing problems with economic instability, I have to say that Digital Fruit has always been about reusing.  More than 66% of the computers we operate on are refurbished.

So the point of this article today is to promote the use of a refurbished computer.  Many of us have computers that have bit the dust, and are just sitting in a back closet, or have even had to give up on using a computer because we can't afford a new one.  But things don't have to be this way.  Digital Fruit, through our many business transactions have acquired parts that we have no computer to put them in.  Things as simple as DVD drives and as necessary as CPUs, and we have the ability to sell them at a fraction of the cost they originally sold for.  So please, before disposing of your old computer in the dumpster, please reconsider.  You may have a completely usable PC, just waiting for a few dollars in recycled parts.