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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Most Atrocious Use of Linux

So, I have come to the personal opinion that I have found the most atrocious use of the Linux kernel to date.  Gtech lottery systems.  Now, I don't know if its as bad on all of Gtech's products, because my only experience is the ones in Washington. 

But goodness, I didn't think it was possible to make a system more finicky and unstable than Windows ME.  This thing absolutely stinks.  And the major problem, Java.  Its what the whole system is running on.  There is a quick boot from the bootloader, then its on to a Java interface, and this thing is buggy as hell.  Sometimes the system I work with prints mystery tickets, sometimes it won't print tickets at all.  It will crash if communication with Olympia gets cut off.  Its a nightmare to deal with some days.

So, as this seems to be the most shameful misuse of the Tux logo, I'm giving it two fruit, as it is still more secure than the NPC windows units Wal-Mart used.