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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just An Update

So I figured I'd just drop a line and say something really quick.  With all of the jumbled chaos of a new baby and buying a house, I haven't been keeping up with all of Digital Fruit's media outlets.

First item of business is the two sites I've been working on to help generate some more biz around our web development branch,, and  These two new sites stem from two of my more passionate obsessions, collectable card games and photography, though the later will be far less focused on just photography, and more of a go-to place for images of just about anything.

Next update is a renewed push for the Digital Fruit Aluminum drive.  If you have anything to donate, it is greatly appreciated, and the proceeds from this will help both the community and the environment.  So, if you see a can pick it up and save it for a better tomorrow.

And lastly, the Digital Fruit Small Business Conference is fast approaching.  If you have not reserved your seat, do so soon, as seating is limited.

That's all I have for today, so catch you on the flip side.