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Thursday, January 26, 2012

(Working Title) Titanic

So, I'm working up a new multi-player game, and I'm in need of help to come up with more meat on its bones.  So far, the idea is just a working demo for showing off at the Digital Fruit LAN parties, and if the game gets to completion soon, it will probably be given away as a prize for the victors at tournaments (of other games, of course).

Main premise so far, the Titans: Giant monolithic dragon deities aligned with the force of nature they control, or reek havoc on.  Your goal, ally yourself with your chosen deity and fight to bring about its will, or defend it's morals against assailants.  Includes as playable characters: monster races, barbarians, holy knights(Paladin and Templar), undead, and forest dwellers.  Also working on a race of nomadic drifters, but that may or may not make it in.

Any suggestions are welcome, criticism is not.  This project is already underway, and telling me it contrite and clich√© will not change how it goes.  Thank you for participating.