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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Problems for Linux Numbers (But Not Really)

I was checking the statistics of this very blog yesterday through blogger, and I noticed something strange.  The number of Linux users that visits the blog has gone down.  Now, this only perplexed me for a moment, as the answer to the puzzle was also right in front of my eyes, but what do think was the cause?

Well, the cause is that Blogger's statistics are now counting Ubuntu as a seperate and distinct operating system.  And as I see it, this can only benefit the Linux community as a whole.  Yes, it does mean there might be some naming confusion, like how people think Android is different from Linux, but all in all, it means enough people are using a Linux product to set it apart from the nearly thousands of Linux distributions floating around out there.

Now mind you, this is mostly an opinion piece, but it is the opinion of someone who isn't a Linux user on principal, but because it actually does what I need it to better than the competition.  And Ubuntu is something that the more attention it gets, the better it gets.  So, as I said, I think this is a good sign for the Linux community that Ubuntu is getting recognized as a separate system.  Maybe it will get people over the stigma of "using Linux".