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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Digital Fruit Stands against SOPA & PIPA

Along with the blackout of Wikipedia, the blackout doodle on, and Mozilla's remarks on the Firefox homepage, I would like Digital Fruit to be counted with the rest of our internet allies in the fight against the horrible legislation standing before congress and the senate.  These two bills, SOPA & PIPA, strive to seg a legal standard that practically screams of George Orwell's 1984.  These bills aren't about copyright violations, they are about the control of ghe flow of information.  They establish a system where a select few get to decide what is and what isn't on the internet, without the consent of the people.  That is the kind of oppression this country was founded to prevent.  Don't just sit by and let it happen again.

So, I would prompt you, if you are a resident of Aberdeen, or anywhere in the United States, contact your state representative, and tell them to vote NO on both the SOPA and PIPA.