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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ubuntu 12.10

Fast becoming one of my favorite things to go online each October, the latest update to my favorite operating system is here.  While not the long term support release, I find that the best new features for Ubuntu come out in the fall.

So as I sit here in front of my computer, waiting for it to download some 2056 new files, which seems like it will take a couple of hours, I'm excited to see what updates will be there.  Some will seem cool, but almost never get used, like the ability to shop from right from the dash.  Others will probably get used every day with out even being noticed, like some of the UI upgrades I've read about.

So, to finish off this little blurb today, I would like to prompt people, if they haven't tried out Ubuntu yet, head to and download 12.10, and give the LiveCD a chance.  Who knows, you might just enjoy it too.