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Monday, April 16, 2012

Still Yahoo?

I was just looking at site ranks, as Digital Fruit now gets enough web traffic to be noticed by Alexa.  For the fun of it, I clicked on the list of top 500 websites, and I was kind of disturbed by what I found there. is still in the top 5!  A company that long forgotten, that has been trying to sell itself for years now, is still in the top 5.  That is a mind blowing thought.

And it stands as a testament to the human need for something familiar.  My generation grew on the constant change the internet fed us, constant craving something new, so I think we often forget that the majority of people have grown up in a world where things stayed more constant.  And I'm not just talking about generations before us either, the generations after will probably never see the kind of change we saw.  And that makes me realize, people return to what is familiar.  A site as forgotten to pulse and beat of popular media as yahoo, and people still go back there, more than twitter, more than Wikipedia, and more than amazon.

So, as closing, what is your comfort site?  Where do you default back to when you're trying to remember?  Feel free to leave a comment below.