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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Typographic Errors

     I had it brought to my attention yesterday that the Daily World had something of a computer issue.  Somehow their desktop publishing program didn't catch an incorrect date.  Now, an incorrect date in a news paper is nothing new, and normally isn't much of a problem to fix.  But when the incorrect date is the date for today's paper, then it becomes something of an issue.  So, for yesterday, there were several hundred people who got their paper with the date of December 8, 2011, receiving their news about eleven months early.
     So, in the attitude of constructive criticism, the easiest way to prevent this problem is to simply plug a date field into the header of the paper, not manually enter the date.  Let the internal date function of the computer get the date for you, that way someone who isn't quite awake yet won't have to worry about getting something as boring and mundane, yet important, as the date wrong.