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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Next Generation

     So, as I was looking around the blog to make sure things are all spiffy, I saw an adsense add that simply said Next Generation Portable.  I thought to myself, hmm, now that seems odd, I wonder who's making it.  I looked down to the url in the add and it says the playstation network.  So, having just gotten a PSP, I copied the URL and went to the site.
     Here is what I found:  This is the early design set out for what Sony is currently calling the NGP.  The descendant of the PSP, this device is all stoked out, but maybe not to Sony's claim of "Blurring the lines between interactive entertainment and reality".  Like I said in my review of the PSP, this once again may be an over charged attempt at getting everyone to buy one.  Looking over the list of features, I found myself questioning why I would want a GPS system in something that looks almost identical to the original PSP.  I know I'm not going to be taking it places where I'm going to get lost and need to use a tracking device to get home.  And if I ended up in such a place with the device, I would probably already have my cell-phone, which contains a GPS.  Also included is a digital compass, and who outside of a boyscout troop knows how to use a compass anymore?
     But all-in-all, my little preview into the Next Generation of Portable gaming has left my mouth watering, (the thing is quad-core!), and I'm much more excited about this thing than any tablet or smart phone I've heard about in the last two years.  So, with a projected release date late in 2011, I'll be watching for the NGP, hoping I've made enough to buy one of the production line.