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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Already Behind

     So, it appears I’m already behind on my new years resolution to post every day, but not to fear!  I will prevail!

     So, despite the inches of snow that fell yesterday here in Aberdeen, I was a busy businessman and went galloping all over town.  I stopped by Game Freaks to discuss with fellow gamers what they thought of a new method of enhancing digital distribution that would still include the retailer.  I’ve been thinking of methods to keep the retailer in the loop because I don’t think box stores are really going to die, and I don’t want to offend their owners, especially this early on.

     My idea is simple really; for each retailer that plans to carry our games, if we plan to distribute download content through them, we will develop promotional posters that have QR codes printed in a footer bar on the bottom, with instructions on how to use them.  The link embedded in the QR code will contain a retailer specific reference, which will allow Digital Fruit to track sales through each retailer, giving them a cut for each mobile game downloaded through promotional posters displayed in their stores.  Any smartphone on the market has the capability to read QR codes, so I figure it will be a good way to cut down on production costs, and still manage to keep our retail partners in the loop.  A toast then, to technology, and little problems it helps solve!