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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Modern Day Jewelry

     So, I was thinking on my car trip home about how technological gadgets have become the new sheik thing.  Its something of a cultural phenomenon.  People rich and poor have become obsessed with getting the next piece of computing wizardry.
     Its as if computers have become the new jewelry.  Its that flashy centerpiece that you have to show off to your friends.  And I find it ironic, because only a few short decades ago, if you owned a computer, you were essentially a freak.  So what is the allure of these devices?  Why are we so obsessed with them now?  I believe the answer lies in what these devices do for us.  They give us knowledge, which in turn gives us power.  And, lets face it, humankind has always been driven by the pursuit of power.
     Now, to the point of my rant.  I see that in the future of this technological revolution, we will always push the limits of what we can accomplish.  And as human beings, we will always seek to push the limits of the power computers can provide us with.  Now, with this power, we have to be careful.  We need to make sure we don't ruin ourselves.  We need to stay in control of this, and not make mistakes we cannot fix.