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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lack of Local News

     As I was sitting infront of the TV and reading news on my Wii, there is no section on there for local news.  Local news seems to be something that has died in the era of the internet.  But with things like geo-coding and location based advertising, why can't a system be designed that would allow the work of local journalist and writers to have their work displayed in a local section on something like the Wii, or an iPad?
     It would take a heck of a lot of work, but I think its something we're going to need in the future with the death of so many news-papers around the country.  Even when selecting news on a website from my local area, it only ever gets as close as Olympia, and the article is usually written by some guy in New York, or some other far off place.  How much can someone from New York really know about what's going on in Washington state?  Maybe a major issues, but he's not really going to care about the death of someone important in my local community, or about the health and well-being of a respected local business person.  That's the kind of news I'd like to see up on my screen most mornings.
     I'm going to ponder over the details of such a system, and what it would really take to get it moving, and I'll post back with my results on whether or not its possible.