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Thursday, January 13, 2011

LinkSys EG1032

     So, this is another product pick.  Today on showcase, we've got the Linksys EG1032 Gigabit network card.  As time rolls on, the cost of these things just seems to plummet in price, with out any real hits in performance.
     I have to admit, I was hoping to put this thing through the most difficult setup I could imagine, but it ended up being a bust.  True Cisco's dominance of the networking world, this Linksys card installed, without any additional work or drivers, in a desktop Linux setup.  No hassle, no complaint, no problems.  I was almost disappointed.
     Windows wasn't much harder, with the disk installing the drivers quickly, and no hassle after installation.  Gigabit networking speeds have never been easier to achieve.
     So, with this post, I'm introducing a new convention for these product pick.  This card has pick 5 Digital Fruit out of 5.