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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Office Suite Winner

     So, way back on August 4 I wrote a post about office software suites and which one I liked most.  So, after almost three months working with most of the options(the 30 day trial of Microsoft Office 2010 expired in September), I have come to the conclusion that my original decision still stands.  IBM's Lotus Symphony takes the pick.
     Why? Because of its ease of use.  Since that article, I have helped a customer who knows little about the workings of computer software to streamline his business paperwork using Symphony's spreadsheets, I've started writing a novel using the documents part, and I've really been looking for a reason to create a presentation using the slide show, but can't really justify it.  So after all of my experience using Symphony's charts, spreadsheets, page layouts and calculations, it just flows well, like Microsoft Office used to once upon a time.  Plus, any need I've had for Symphony as of yet, it has worked like a charm.  So, congratulations IBM, you're the winner.