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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ah Ha!

     Now the truth really comes out!  Back in June I gave a scathing review of what Microsoft has touted as the end all motion control system for a video game console (article here).  And I still stand by that review.
    But the murky waters of why Microsoft would shell out all of the cash and time to develop such a terrible idea for a device are beginning to clear.  In a statement here, we find that Microsoft probably didn't spend all that much in R&D on the Kinect project.  Its probably just a side step from the LightSpace project that Microsoft Research has been steadily developing.
    Whereas the Kinect sounds stupid to me, this LightSpace project has some serious potential.  Think of the scenes from Iron Man, where Tony Stark just starts working some mad computer mojo without any input device.  That potential for computing in the future will make the development effort now well worth while.  So, here's to the LightSpace project, and every geeks dream of a better computing world.