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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Smartphone, But Maybe a Tablet

     I'm still getting all the buzz about the latest smartphones, and how they're going to replace all of our traditional computers.  I still think this whole bit is bunk.  Smartphones just aren't capable enough to replace all the computing needs a of a modern person.  So, needless to say, I'm not considering a smartphone in the near future.
     What I am considering, though, is a tablet.  Now, once again, tablets are not a full-on computing device.  It will never replace the use of a full tower PC.  But as a companion device for recreation and display, I think I could do a lot with one of theses.  Especially with a personal cloud system. 
     Think of it.  All of your personal data and applications stored and run off of a small home server, or even better, a serious server. and the tablet just used for input/output and display.  You could play games, even some serious games. Web surfing, business presentation, and, of course, reading and video.  With a display stand, video in other parts of the house other than the living room and computer office space would be easier than ever.  Personal wi-fi would make it all simplified.  The possibilities of these little tablets could be amazing.  That kind of convenience really attracts my attention.
     But I'm not sure I'm considering an iPad, I'm not a fan of a closed system.  I'm a tech geek who really likes to modify, so I'm definitely going for something android driven if I buy it soon.  There are a couple of options I'm looking at already.
     First on my list is the Dell Streak.  Though much smaller than any of the other tablet options out there at the moment, it seems to be way more capable of mobility, which fits better into the way my life is going at the moment.  With a 5" screen and the mobile Android OS, it does seem more like a smart phone, but I like the idea that it has access to the mobile market place.  Also, there are a myriad of connection types.  The lack of wireless N connectivity is kind of depressing in such a next generation device, but forgivable.
      The only other option near release at this point is the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  With much more impressive stats, this tablet with a 7" screen looks more appealing, but with my experience with Samsung phones, I'm really iffy about it.  But as I said, the specs look really nice.
     So, I'm going to keep on to these tablets, keep my fingers crossed, and hope that good things happen.