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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Lax Security from Facebook

     Again, the notorious has added another security hole to their already shoddy site.  You know all those fun Zynga games you play?  They've been leaking out your personal information.  Even more than they already were.
     Over the last year, Facebook has been found to care so little about the personal information of it's customers that it has been signing away your information to any advertiser that pays to put an ad on their site.  But now the information is leaking out from the games you play through the site.  Farmville, probably the most popular of the games on the Facebook site, has been leaking out the names of people playing, and a list of any friends they have on Facebook. (See ZDNet, and The Wall Street Journal).  With all these breaches in our security, and the fact that only ten people police the whole online Facebook community, this should be something everyone should be jumping ship on.  This kind of lax attitude doesn't need to be re-enforced, or it will only get worse.
     (For more discussion of Facebook creepiness, see this Halloween article on ZDNet.)