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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Helping to Stop Internet Fraud and Hacking

     While Digital Fruit is by no means the greatest authority on internet fraud and malware, it is something we deal with on behalf of our customers.  And, in the attitude of prevention being worth a pound of care, I've finally gotten something started for the Fraud Fighters section of  I'll hopefully have it up by tomorrow night, and then we can discuss what this part of the sight will really be about.
     What we have started right now is a listing and review of several internet ads that seem to pop up on just about every sight you go to.  Some of these ads are from legitimate business, most are from people just trying to scam you out of hard earned dollars you've worked so hard just to get, and would probably like to keep, I'm sure.  I'm hoping that this list will start to grow into something that our customers will appreciate and use, and that it will help keep people from getting duped.
     Till next time, I'll catch you on the flip side.