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Friday, October 1, 2010

10 To Guard 500 Million

     It's a laughable joke.  Really it is.  The idea that 10 employees could watch over the accounts of 500 million people that are constantly logging in and updating and checking and etc...  but apparently that is what Facebook thinks is sufficient.  In one of the largest growing websites of our times, Facebook has ten people to watch over all of us.  And the claims these ten people make about how effective they are set them in a position to rival Superman.
     But in true Orwellian style, the doublespeak is readily apparent.  Stating the Koobface gang has an extensive botnet that's stealing $35,000 dollars a week (see this ZDNet article), then claiming that they are keeping pace with attackers and that only one percent of people using the service have ever been affected by malware from the site(see
     As I said before, a joke.  There is no way that only ten people have sufficient ability to monitor all of the traffic Facebook garners, correlate with law enforcement to combat hackers, handle customer service issues, and develop new systems to be able to prevent future attacks.  As some one starting a small web start up and probably biting off more than he can chew, I would have trouble trying to pull this off with a system of only 500 customers, so ten for approximately 500 million.  Not possible.
     Facebook needs to wake up and realize that they can't keep ignoring their customers and that they can't keep ignoring their position as a global hub of information.  They need to take their responsibilities seriously.