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Friday, March 5, 2010

Product I want Pick

     So tonight's pick of product is something I haven't really thought about lately, mainly because I made a good buying decision a couple of years ago.  Today's pick is that of an HP printer, the variety, a home model Photosmart.  The HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One wins this round.  I haven't had the pleasure of owning this model yet myself, but from all of my personal experience, and from what I know about ink usage, the Photosmart Premium is probably the best bet for an all-around home printer.
     With a touch screen for easy printing when not connected to your computer, and the easy of use that I've seen in test models, this printer can be operated by almost anyone.  The picture quality is top notch, and with a little know-how I'll discuss in a later article titled "Printer Tricks For Top Quality", you'll get some of the most amazing prints you'll ever see.
     Also, the Premium is designed for connectivity.  With the ability to wirelessly connect with your computer over a home network, and also the ability to connect to a wired home network for superior speed, this thing is ready for everyone to use.  And even more useful, it even has a bluetooth connection, so a bluetooth enabled computer can connect directly without any additional hardware, just plug in the printer, turn on bluetooth, and use your computers bluetooth to connect.
     But probably one of my favorite features is that it runs on the very cost effective 564 ink cartridge set.  These high quality photo inks are also very high quality on price.  Each color XL cartridge is rate for an average page yield of about 750 pages, and only cost on average around $17US.  This makes this one of the most affordable printers that HP has out on the market right now.
     This is my product pick for today, but remember, when purchasing your own printer, no matter the manufacture or type, pay attention to ink cost.  Most of the smaller and less expensive printers actually have higher priced ink cartridges, which means they can quickly cost you more than that of the more expensive printer that takes a more efficient cartridge.  A little online research never hurts.