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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pick For You, Not On You

     This time it will be just a short pick, without much a due.  To day I'm showing off Kingston Technology's 1GB DDR Ram.  This ones an oldie but good, not much use for a new computer, but if you are upgrading an older computer, usually within the middle XP range, this is a life saver.  Though Windows XP left a much smaller memory footprint than Vista did, many of the applications developed recently require a lot more ram, and most computers from the XP range just didn't come with much.  Adding just a gig more of memory can sometimes increase the amount of workspace your computer can play with by almost eight times!  So, if you have an older rig sitting around, or are just helping out a family member who hasn't upgraded, then the price and quality are top of the line.