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Friday, March 19, 2010

Problems with MySpace

     So, I've found that I have a new problem with social networks; freedom.   They seem to want to restrict it.  I understand that they want to protect their interests, but the web is supposed to be a great big interconnected, well, web.  And it seems that the social networking sites want to keep people from connecting to anyone who doesn't go through them.
     What brought on this rant is the fact that I can't share a link to a Blogger blog, ANY Blogger blog, in my MySpace blog.  I discovered this because I was attempting to share this blog with my family, you know, show them how my business is doing.  I thought using my MySpace account would be faster and easier than trying to send a hundred personalized e-mails to all of my family and friends.  But, according to MySpace, Blogspot blogs contain malware, phishing scams, or inappropriate material.
     This is annoying, and why I have always personally derided Social networking sites.  They only seem to breed more problems and trouble than they are worth, and I have yet to see them help me network with people I really care about connecting with, because all I've seen so far are a bunch of strangers pretending to care who I am, and trying to get me to join their friends list.
     As to the reason I'm posting this here;  I once read that if you want business, be a little controversial sometimes.  Take a stance and back it up.  And this is something Digital Fruit will back up.  We do not support any of the current social networks, we will not get a MySpace or a Facebook.  If you want to follow our company, do it here on the blog, or in the user forum of our website*.
*said website is still awaiting a permanent domain, so there is no link at the moment.  I'm working on fixing this.