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Friday, March 5, 2010

Careful what you click

     I know that I've said this before about fake antiviruses, and it may be redundant, but I feel it needs to be said again, Be Careful What You Click!  I'm reading horrible numbers about how people are clicking their way into viral infection.  So once again, if you aren't sure about the content of something, then don't click on it.
    What prompted today's warning is the rising number of people falling prey to the cybercriminal tactic of hijacking a persons Facebook or MySpace account and sending out fake invitations.  I was just reading in the March 4 issue of USA Today about the millions of people computers reported to have infections from these botnets.   So, if some one sends you an unexpected invitation to view photos about a trip your not sure about, or invites you to see some video of a barbecue no-one recorded, then don't click it, call them and ask what's up.  It's better than finding out too late.
     Or better yet, don't use the social networks at all.  Tech guru's have been deriding them from the very start as places rampant with security problems and annoyances, and they generally amount to brain fluff anyways.  I personally run a MySpace account, at the insistence of someone I know, and I can tell you that there are easier ways to transmit your information to the people you care about.  So, if you already have one of these social networking accounts, close it, and if you don't, don't get one.  Its just safer.
     And on that note, I'm signing out for tonight.