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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hope for your videos and cassettes

     Well, this post originally started out as one to help people realize that their precious moments can be saved from older media types like cassettes, both audio and video, or 35 mm film.  But the subject matter is so broad in its scope that I'm having to scale it down into several miniature articles that will have to released in series just to cover each type of media that we will be working with.  So over the next couple of posts we will be discussing how to up-date several different media types into new digital file that can be burned and saved to anything you want.  This is perfect for home movies or recordings of a child's piano recital or choir concert that you have saved onto media that a computer can't normally process on it's own.  So, starting with the next post, which will be on ripping audio from anything from audio cassettes to old records and more, we will cover many methods of preserving your precious memories.