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Monday, March 14, 2011

Wow, Quick Return On Investment

     Now, I'm one of those number crunching guys.  I like statistics, I dig percentages and economic formulas.  And I'm bad enough about it that I'll combine all these different collections of data and numbers to try and see a greater pattern.  But today its just sick.  I logged into my e-mail today to check the usual, and see if any of our regular customers had contacted me in need of assistance.  As I looked through the e-mails, I found one from a new customer telling me that she had seen our facebook page, wanted to know what we are about, and if I could fix her laptop.  I responded back, and started thinking.
     I used a free facebook advertising credit yesterday, $50.00.  I set the maximum I was willing to spend on advertising a day to fifty bucks because I figured I wouldn't really get anyone to click.  I showed off by including in the add a QR code linking to our main website, and the add link took people to the Facebook page.  Clever, I thought.  Maximize our exposure.  Increase profit margin.
     When I checked our ad budget for today, almost all of our ad budget was gone.  Twenty seven people had clicked on the actual add for Digital Fruit.  TWENTY-SEVEN!!!  I don't get those kind of numbers on this blog currently.  The thirty-five dollars spent had already net us one customer, my brain told me.  That customer will probably need a system restore or a virus removal.  That could net around seventy dollars.  That's a return on investment of almost 200%!  And this was only after twenty-four hours.  The cost of manpower put into the making of that add constituted only about three dollars worth of time, and here, after only one day, we had a customer knocking on our door, so to speak.  That is some serious ROI.
     So, whatever reservations I may have over Facebook, I have to say, it is a really powerful marketing tool.