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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lame Product Blocking

     I can't believe Microsoft is still at it.  In an attempt to block further advancement with their competitors, Microsoft is blocking the download of the Firefox 4 beta in IE8.  If you try and download the beta through IE8, it throws up a nasty looking warning message stating that the beta is malicious software.
     I could understand if this warning popped on some dodgy site in the dark alleys of the internet, but this is the site of one of Microsoft's largest opponents in the browser business.  How do they justify this?  I would love to hear the explanation.  I'm just sick of over controlling corporations insisting that their product is the only one you can use.
     Here at Digital Fruit, we will work with, and service, products from any other software or hardware vendor.  We may make our own, but we are first and foremost a customer service business.