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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First One has Arrived

     So, the final pieces for the DigiFruit 1 model Atom-based computer came in today, and we've assembled the first one.  We're running Moblin 2.1 on it at the moment, and it works swimmingly.  I'm not sure how well it'll sell, but I'm just happy it worked out.  We've got a couple of customers already in line for this model, and I'm hoping that this cost-effective computer will sell well in the economically depressed area of Aberdeen.  The price point for this computer is roughly $250.00, for just the tower, and will cost an extra $80.00 if you want Windows instead of a more price-savvy OS.  If you have any interest in one, head over to the website and place an order.  We look forward to your business.